Products & Services

Mouldcor began operating in 1980, doing minor civil works and building residential homes and factories. Today, it has grown to a point where it is involved in large scale civil engineering, commercial, industrial and residential building projects, and in its own property development.

Historically, it was involved in intricate civil and other concrete structures, such as casting of bases for precision granite cutting equipment. It was also engaged in the establishment of quarries and power stations in South Africa.

It has completed major office buildings, commercial buildings, shopping centres, schools, training centres, clinics, hospitals and cluster housing developments. Most included the provision of basic infrastructural services such as roads, water reticulation and sewerage plus the construction of gate houses and other security structures.

  • Two key divisions operate under the Group umbrella, Construction and Property Development. Housed under Construction, are the Civils, Building and Project Management operations, supplying services to the Group and to outside customers. Property Development, the development arm, houses a Residential and a Commercial operation
  • Civils provide bulk earthworks, roads and services and concrete works, internally for the Group and externally on the open market. 
  • Property Development is the Group’s property development, management and marketing arm that develops and manages the Group’s property portfolio. These include upmarket, multi-unit residential schemes, high value lifestyle or retirement villages, single family dwelling units and sectional title apartments. Commercial developments include office parks, warehouses and factories. Where feasible, Mouldcor engages in joint ventures of both a commercial and residential nature.